Sustained Improvement to
Literacy Instruction

We Work With Teachers and School Leaders to Implement Effective, Sustaining Literacy Instruction

Thought Leadership for Literacy Leaders

Literacy instruction is complex, even daunting. At the Practice Hub, we recognize that great literacy instruction is an interaction of the teaching craft and the decades of research that have uncovered what is effective. As educators, we work with leaders to unbundle these complexities to install effective literacy instruction. As teachers, we work to provide the understanding, tools, and guidance needed to improve literacy instruction and, ultimately, student outcomes.

A Systematic Approach to Reading Instruction

Improving reading instruction requires answering key questions and adopting new mindsets. We help educators confront known and unknown challenges and explore innovative methods for successful change.

Using an implementation science approach, we can help benchmark a school’s literacy instructional system to identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement. We go beyond knowledge by equipping school leaders and teachers with the skills to implement quality diagnostic assessment and the delivery of high-quality literacy instruction.

Using the concepts of continual improvement, our goal is to help schools build a sustainable literacy instructional system that helps all students become proficient readers.

Artfully Teaching the Science of Reading

Artfully Teaching the Science of Reading bridges the gap between two often-opposed strands of reading instruction: the science of reading and artful approaches to teaching. Dr. Paige and his co-authors demonstrate how teachers can use reading research to engage students in authentic, creative instruction that increases motivation and fosters positive attitudes toward reading.

This essential guide restores the importance of teacher agency, supports a critical understanding of reading research, and empowers educators to use their knowledge, experience, and creativity in the classroom. Discover the definitive approach to teaching reading as an art and science with The Practice Hub.